Brachot 58 - The world is created for the Sage

One who sees multitudes (at least 600,000) of Jews says "Blessed is One … the Sage of secrets." Among these many people there bound to be all types of intellects, and God knows the secrets of every one of them. Ben Zoma, on seeing the vast multitudes who came to the Temple on Festivals, would pronounce this blessing - but he would also add, "Blessed are You... who created all these to serve me." What is the reason of Ben Zoma's second blessing?

The ultimate goal of the world is for people to attain the knowledge of God and purify their physical nature. Such individuals are rare. What is the purpose of the rest? - To keep the Sage company and to cultivate the land and develop the world, since otherwise the Sage would not have time for his pursuits. Ben Zoma also said, "What does a good guest say? - He thanks the host saying 'How much trouble did you go to to prepare this grand banquet!' Conversely, what does a bad guest say? - 'I only ate one piece and drank one cup, but all the trouble that this took is for his wife and children.'"

Ulla and Rav Chisda were walking along the road, and Rav Chisda uttered a sigh. Ulla asked him, "Don't you agree that a sigh breaks the body of a person?" Rav Chisda answered, "This is the house of Rav Chana, where sixty cooks were preparing meals for poor at all times, which had four entrances for all to enter, and with Rav Chana never taking his hand out of his purse, not to embarrass a poor by making him wait even a second - and it is now ruined!" Ulla answered, "The Temple is in ruins, and it is enough for a slave to be like the master" - and Rav Chisda was consoled.

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