Brachot 51 - Respect for food

Four things were said about bread: one may not place raw meat on it or pass a cup full of wine over it, because the bread may get ruined. One should also not throw it or support his plate with bread: even if that does not ruin the bread, the act itself is disrespectful.

Ten things were said about a cup of wine used for a blessing, such as that it requires prior washing from the inside and outside, that one should take it with both hands but then hold in his right hand, and then send it in a respectful manner to his household (that it, to his wife).

Ulla visited the house of Rav Nachman. He ate bread, led the call to prayer, recited the after-meal prayer, and then gave the cup of blessing to Rav Nachman, who asked him to send it to his wife, Yalta. However, Ulla retored that it was not necessary, since the Torah said, " God will bless the fruit of your belly ," and your wife's belly will be blessed through yours. Yalta heard this, stood up in anger, and went to the cellar, where she broke four hundred barrels of wine. Rav Nachman said, "Let the master send her another cup." Ulla sent her another cup with the message, "All the wine in this barrel is considered like the cup of the blessing." Yalta sent back, "From itinerant peddlers come idle words, and from old rags come lice."

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