Brachot 20 - Human Dignity vs Honor of God

Rav said: "If one was standing in the street and discovered that his garments had in them "shatnez," a forbidden mixture of wool and linen, he needs to takes them off right there, and disregard his honor." What is Rav's source? - Proverbs, which say, " There is no value to wisdom or understanding against the honor of God ." That is, in order not to transgress, one can disregard the honor due his teacher or himself.

But we learned that when accompanying a mourner, even a Kohen can go through a cemetery, to give mourner the comfort or to honor him!? - This refers to plowed-over cemetery, where there is only a suspicion of impurity, and the Sages therefore allowed him to go, but he would not be allowed to actually transgress the Torah.

But we learned that one does not have to return a lost object if the object is beneath his dignity!? So one can eschew a mitzvah if it would dishonor him!? - No, that is only because the Torah itself allowed it, by saying, "Hide? - No, you cannot hide from a lost object," and the first word "Hide" allows one to disregard this mitzvah in special cases, but it would not apply generally. And it is due to the earlier generations' being ready to disregard their honor that miracles would happen for them.

Some groups of people are not required to say the Shema prayer, for example, a woman, because she may be busy at the right time, and a young child, who is anyway not obligated in mitzvot and whose father may not be home to remind him.

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