Beitzah 10 - Contradictions

The Talmud notices a contradiction: we said that Beit Shammai put fewer limitations on slaughtering animals for the Holiday (Yom Tov) meal, and Beit Hillel are more strict. However, right after this we said that Beit Hillel allow more ways to get doves out of a dovecote. The question is around the joy of the Holiday: which school, of Shammai or of Hillel, wants to enhance it more?

Rabbi Yochanan said, "It is a mistake! Somebody transmitted their opinions incorrectly, and Beit Shammai should be stricter, as they are wont to be. " But this is not necessarily so. It could be that Beit Shammai allow slaughtering and covering the blood only in that specific case, where there is a spade already in the ground, so there is no reason to prohibit it, but normally they would be stricter.

Beit Hillel, in their turn, permit using a ladder to get to the dovecote because it obviously a ladder for that, and not for plastering the roof. But in other cases they may follow different logic, not necessary trying to be lenient. The Talmud finds five more contradictions where Rabbi Yochanan claims that it is a mistake, but the Talmud is able to explain the opinions as they are recorded, without reversing them.

Art: A peasant leaning on a spade by Matheus van Helmont