Bechorot 45 - Blemishes of Legs and Hands of a Kohen

Some of the foot blemishes include: if he puts his feet together while sitting down and cannot bring his knees together, if his feet are broad and flat like those of a goose, if his toes are joined together - however if they are joined only from the foot until the middle join, he is fit.

One who has extra digits in his hands and feet, that is, six on each - Rabbi Yehudah declares him fit, but the Sages say that he is unfit. They argue about a phrase in Samuel, "There was another war, and there was a man of huge stature, with six fingers on his hands and feet." The Sages consider these words a shame, but Rabbi Yehudah considers them a praise.

A left-handed Kohen cannot serve in the Temple because he lacks a legally recognized right hand, and many services require it. An ambidexterous Kohen - Rabbi Yehudah the Prince assumes that this is due to the weakness in the right hand, which makes it a blemish, but the Sages say that it is his left hand that grew unusually strong, thus, he is fit.

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