Bechorot 18 - Is It Possible To Be Exact?

Rabbi Yose said that events in nature can occur simultaneously, and certainly in human effort one can be exactly precise. The Sages disagreed about events in nature, either because events rarely occur simultaneously, or because the error in our measurement will not let us ascertain this. What would they say about human effort?

Does the red line exactly in the middle of the Altar prove that one can be exact? - No, it doesn't, for perhaps it was intentionally drawn  thicker to account for error.

If one breaks a ritually impure clay oven into pieces, the pieces are pure, but if he divides it exactly in half, both pieces remain impure - because one piece is the larger one and is impure, only we don't know which. Thus, precision is impossible!? - No! clay has jugged edges, but perhaps with other materials one can be precise.

If a murder victim is found exactly between two cities, they jointly bring a calf for atonement  - because in reality the body is closer to one city - which makes this city obligated to bring the calf - only we don't know which one. This proves that one cannot be precise!? -- Yes, it does.

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