Bava Metzia 91 - Muzzling an Animal and Mother who is a Harlot (Finds)

One who muzzles an animal and threshes with it receives lashes and must pay four Kavs (6 liters) for a cow and three Kavs for a donkey. But why should it be so? The rule is that one does not receive lashes and pay money for the same crime!

The proof is from the case of a son consorting with his mother, who is a harlot. Since the son is liable to the death penalty for incest, he is not obligated to pay, and the sheep that he gave her should be considered a present, not a payment. Since the Torah forbade that sheep as a sacrifice, he must be legally obligated to pay, only that it is unenforceable in court. So, too, in the case of muzzling.

Art: Grazing Sheep with a Sheperdhess Beyond by Charles Emile Jacque

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