Bava Metzia 113 - Lender's Right to Take Borrower's Security (Finds)

If the loan fell due, but the borrower did not pay on time, and the lender wants to take the property of the borrower as security until the loan is paid, the borrower has to observe a few rules:

* The lender is prohibited from going into the borrower's house;

* Even if the borrower takes the article into the street, the lender is prohibited from taking it personally. He may obtain an article for security only by going to court;
* The lender has to return an article of security to a borrower who needs it. For example, he may have to return the pillow at night and the plow by day.

Art: The Clubhouse Sitting Room at Balsam Lake, Catskills by Thomas Worthington Whittredge 

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