Bava Kamma 90 - Amounts Paid for Humiliation (Torts)

One who boxes (alternatively, shouts into) the ear of his fellow must give him a Sela ($200), but Rabbi Yehudah says a Maneh ($5,000). If he slaps him on the cheek, he gives him 200 zuz ($10,000); if he does it with the back of his hand, 400 zuz.

If he pulled his ear, yanked his hair, spat on him, and his spittle reached him, removed his cloak from him, or bared a woman's head in the marketplace, he gives him (or her) 400 zuz ($20,000).

This is the general rule: Everything depends on the victim's level of honor and on the societal position of the one causing humiliation. The amounts above are the maximum.

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