Bava Kamma 70 - Where "One is Subject Only to the Greater Penalty" Rule Doesn't Apply (Torts)

If the fact that he stole an ox or a sheep was established by the testimony of two witnesses, and the fact that he then slaughtered or sold the stolen animal was established by their testimony as well, or by the testimony of two other witnesses, he pays fourfold and fivefold payment.

If he stole an ox or sheep and then sold it on the Sabbath, or if he then sold it for idolatry, he pays fourfold or fivefold payments. Had he slaughtered on Sabbath - a capital offense - he would be exempt from payment because of the "one is subject only to the greater penalty" rule.

Art: Butcher's Shop at Schaftlarn an der Isar by Lovis (Franz Heinrich Louis) Corinth

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