Bava Kamma 61 - Distance For Fire, Hidden Utensils (Torts)

If one lights a fire within his own property, how far should it be from the nearest neighbor's property in order not to be liable?

* Rabbi Elazar Ben Azaria: about 400 feet;
* Rabbi Eliezer: about 50 feet, like a public road;
* Rabbi Akiva: about 150 feet;
* Rabbi Shimon (accepted ruling): "...the one who ignited the fire shall pay..." - all depends on the fire's size.

If one sets fire to a stack of grain and utensils hidden in it, and they are burned, what are the liabilities?

* Rabbi Yehudah: he pays for what was inside;
* Sages: he pays only for the stack.

Art: A Cottage on Fire at Night by Joseph Wright Of Derby

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