Bava Kamma 19 - Bull breaking vessels with its male organ (Torts)

If an animal dropped dung onto a dough, ruining it, then it is not similar to pushing with the body, for which the owner pays full damages, but rather to pebbles shooting from under the animal's foot, for which the owner pays half damages.

If a rooster extended its head into the hollow of a glass vessel and shrieked into it, breaking it, then this, too, is similar to pebbles because the rooster did not do damage with his body but with vibrations. But isn't it abnormal for the rooster to do so? Perhaps there were seeds there.

Consider an animal damaging a vessel by swishing its male organ. Is this similar to horn damage (done of malevolence) or to foot damage (done by just passing by?) Unresolved.

Art: Rooster and Hens by Aelbert Cuyp

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