Bava Batra 96 - Wine that Sours

Rav Yehudah said, "The souring wine that is sold in shops still retains the blessing over wine, that is, "Who created the fruit of the vine." Rav Zevid said, "Why should I say a blessing over wine that has soured? Rather, the blessing is "Who created everything by His word." Rav Yehudah agrees about wine sold on the corners, which the thirsty indiscriminate public consumes in haste, that it is not wine at all.

If one bought a barrel of wine and it spoiled withing three days, then Rav says that it was beginning to spoil at the time of the sale, and therefore it is a mistaken purchase, which can be returned. Shmuel says that "it is on his shoulders." This means either that it spoiled while being carried, or that the spoilage is due to the sins of the owner.

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