Bava Batra 73 - Selling a Ship

One who sells a ship without specifying exactly what is included in the sale, has sold the mast, the sail, the anchor, and the oars. He has not sold the ship's slaves, nor the cargo. If he said, "I am selling the ship and all that is in it," - all of these are included.

Said Rabbah bar bar Channah: "Those that go down to the sea told me that the wave that sinks a ship appears to have a fringe of white fire at its tip. But when one strikes it with a club upon which the following names of God are engraved, I Shall Be What I Shall Be, Yah, God of Legions, Forever - it subsides."

He also said, "I myself saw a frog the size of the city of Akra. A sea monster came and swallowed it, and a female raven swallowed the sea monster. It flew up and sat on the branch of a tree. Come and see how strong that tree was!"