Bava Batra 72 - Consecration According to Rabbi Shimon

When Rabbi Shimon said that the one who consecrates a field is like a seller , his exact words were: "If one consecrates a field, he has not consecrated the pit and the wine press, but the grafted carob tree and cut sycamore (planetree) are included."

Rabbi Shimon thinks that one who consecrates is stingy, like a seller, and keeps all he can for himself. Why is then the carob consecrated? He should have kept it, together with the land needed for it!

Rabbi Shimon is saying this only for the sake of the argument: "I myself say that the trees are not consecrated. You, the Sages, who say that the carob is consecrated, should agree to me that he keeps the pit and the wine press". And the Sages answer: "One consecrates so liberally that even the pit and wine press are included."