Bava Batra 65 - The Bigger the Property Sold, the More is Included with it

In the discussion about seller's attitude being generous or stingy , the law follows Rabbi Nachman who said that the seller sells generously. Rav Nachman was close to the Exilarch, the Jewish ruler of Babylonia, and observed many judges and court cases, so he knew which view was followed in practice.

One who sold a house without specifying what was included in the sale has sold the attached mortar, but not the movable mortar, and not the movable oven or stove.  If the seller said, "I am selling the house and all that is contained therein," - all of the movable objects are sold - but not the objects that are easily movable (carried away). If one sells a courtyard with everything therein, even easily movable objects are sold. If one sells a town, even his animals therein are included.