Bava Batra 58 - Rav Bana'ah and the Crypt of Abraham

Rav Banaa'ah would mark the boundaries of burial crypts by measuring them inside, so that people would not inadvertently walk over them and contract ritual impurity.

When he reached the crypt of Abraham, he found Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, one of the seven righteous people who never died. Rav Bana'ah asked, "What is Abraham doing?" and Eliezer replied, "He is lying in the arms of Sarah, and she is peering at his head." This symbolizes the true union of Abraham and Sarah, which transcended the physical limitations of their earthly marriage.

Eliezer announced Rav Bana'ah, and Abraham said, "Let him enter. It is well known that there is no physical desire in this world." Rav Banaah surveyed the dimensions and departed.