Bava Batra 5 - Fence Cost Settlement

Ravina had four fields which surrounded Runia's field. He built fences around them and demanded reimbursement from Runia, since Runia's field was now completely fenced.

Runia refused, since he had done nothing to indicate his satisfaction with the fences. Ravina asked for the cost of the fence material if bought cheaply, then for the hire of a watchman. Runia kept refusing.

One day Runia was harvesting dates in his field. Ravina sent his sharecropper to take a cluster of dates, and Runia shouted at him. Ravina said, "You have shown that you want the dates to be protected. "They went to Rava's court. Rava said to Runia, "If you want to settle for what Ravina offered - good, and if not, you will have to pay half of the real cost of the fence."