Bava Batra 23 - Indirect Damages

One who causes indirect damages is not liable to pay, but it is nevertheless forbidden, and one is liable for them in the Heavenly court. He may lose the same amount or he may be reincarnated to pay this karmic debt. This is known from the following case.

Rav Yosef had date palms, under which blood-letters used to let blood. The ravens would come and eat blood, then smear it on dates. Rav Yosef demanded that the blood-letters go elsewhere. Abaye took up their defense:

A . But this is only indirect damage!
Y . Doing indirect damage in still forbidden.
A . By being there for three years they have established squatters' rights
Y . There are no squatters' rights for damages.
A . Only for offensive damages such as smoke or an outhouse.
Y . I have a delicate nature, so for me blood on dates is just as offensive.