Bava Batra 19 - Urinating Against a Wall

Rabbah bar bar Chanah said: "A person is permitted to urinate at the side of his fellow's wall." It is thus written "... in the house of Achav every one who urinates against a wall ...", meaning every male, which implies that this is a normal practice.

But we have learned a rule that a person may not pour water or urine at the side of his fellow's wall closer than three hand-breadths from the wall! Answers Rabbah: pouring from a pot is not allowed, but urinating is.

But another rule states that a person may not urinate next to his fellow's brick wall closer than 3 hand-breadths and 1 hand-breadth from a stone wall! Rabbah is disproved. But he quoted a verse! The verse is saying that Achav will not even have dogs.