Bava Batra 111 - Daughters Could Have Inherited Together with Sons

Even though we know that the son precedes the daughter in the inheritance coming from their father ,  it could still be that the daughter precedes the son in the inheritance coming from their mother.

However, we have the following a forteriori (kav vachomer) argument. "... and any daughter who inherits a legacy from the tribes of the children of Israel ..." is talking about the inheritance coming to a daughter from her mother. Now, the daughter does not inherit from her father, and nevertheless inherits from her mother. The son, who inherits from his father, surely inherits from his father, and even preempts the daughter.

Rabbi Zecharia Hakatzav says that an a forteriori argument cannot give the son more rights than the daughter, and they should share in the inheritance equally - however the final law does not follow him.

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