Avodah Zarah 74 - Dry Mixtures

The laws of dry mixtures are different from those of liquids. When prohibited substances are mixed with permitted ones of the same kind, for example, prohibited grapes with permitted ones, the prohibited substance becomes nullified in a simple majority, one part in two. When it is mixed with permitted substances of a different kind, for example, grapes and olives, it is nullified in the ratio of one-to-sixty.

Following is a list of exceptions to the above rule: a sealed barrel of libation wine mixed even with a thousand barrels of kosher wine, an idol, an ox condemned to be stoned, red heifer, birds offered by a person cured from tzaraat, hair of a nazir, firstborn male donkey, a piece of meat cooked with milk, Yom Kippur goat sent to Azazel, and unconsecrated animals slaughtered in the Temple Courtyard. All these, mixed with any amount of similar items, make the whole group prohibited.

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