Avodah Zarah 71 - Soldiers in the City

If a troop of soldiers entered a city and came into a Jews house, then the status of the wine is determined as follows: if this occurred during peacetime, then any open barrels found there are prohibited, while sealed ones are permitted. The opened barrels are prohibited because of their possible contact with the marauding soldiers. The sealed barrels, though, are permitted, because the soldiers, being afraid of no one, would not bother resealing the barrels they had broken into. If this occurred during wartime, then both open and sealed barrels are permitted, because the soldiers do not have time to make libations to idols.

Jewish workers, whom their idolatrous employer wants to pay with libation wine, can tell him, "Give us money instead." However, once the wine entered their possession, they are forbidden to derive benefit from it.

If a Jew sells his wine to an idol worshipper, then if he set the price before the idol worshipper measured the wine, its purchase money is permitted; but if the idol worshipper measured before setting the price, the wine has become libation wine, and its purchase money is prohibited for benefit.

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