Avodah Zarah 64 - Can One be Paid to Destroy Libation Wine?

They asked a question, "If an idol worshipper hires a Jewish worker to break barrels filled with libation wine, what is the law regarding his wage?" Do we say that since the worker temporarily desires the continued existence of the wine - so that he can be paid for destroying it - his wage is prohibited for benefit? Or perhaps, any action to destroy futility (idolatry) is permissible, and certainly the wage is permissible?

Said Rav Nachman, "Let him break the barrels and may a blessing come upon him!"

Can we support Rav Nachman from the ruling about mixed seeds: one is not allowed to weed the forbidden seed mixture, because he helps it grow. Rabbi Akiba makes one liable even for passively keeping the mixture. However, one is a allowed to accept a contract to uproot them. Now, this is parallel to the wine case, since for a time the worker wants the seeds to exist - until he uproots them - and it is allowed! This indeed supports Rav Nachman.

Art: Giovanni Fattori - The red barrels