Avodah Zarah 59 - Transporting the Grapes

They asked Rav Kahana, may an idol worshipper transport grapes to the winepress?

We have previously learned that the juice of grapes cannot be prohibited until they are crushed in the treading basin and the wine begins to flow there. The intent of the question was only if there was some additional restriction by the Sages regarding this.

Rav Kahana answered that it was indeed prohibited if the carrier also emptied the baskets into the vat, based on the maxim of "Go away! Go away!" we say to a Nazir. In other words, stay far from forbidden items. They asked them, "But we learned that if he did it, the wine is allowed?!" He answered, "I only meant that it should not be done in the first place, but if he did it - the wine is permitted."

If an idolater purposely touched the wine, with the intent to make it prohibited for the Jew, then, even though ordinarily one cannot sell this wine anymore, it is permitted to accept the money from the person who touched it - because he is not buying the wine but rather compensating for the damage he has caused.

Art: Heinrich Wilhelm Truebner - With wine from Rome