Avodah Zarah 51 - Accoutrement of an Idol

If an idol is ordinarily worshipped by shaking a rod before it, then if one broke a rod before it, he is liable (to death penalty), but if he threw a stick at it - he is not. Breaking the rod is similar to slaughtering a sacrifice. Even though throwing a stick is similar to another Temple service - throwing of the blood on the Altar - it is not close enough.

If on top of Markulis one found coins, a garment or utensils - they are permitted, as long as they are placed in such as manner that they cannot be considered adornments. Real adornments would be prohibited, unless nullified by an idolater. However, if he found vines bearing clusters of grapes, wreaths of grain, or glass jars with wines, oils and fine flours - or anything the likes of which was brought on the Temple Altar - it is prohibited to use, because they are presumed to be offerings to the idol.

Art: Jacob Fopsen van Es - Grapes with half a walnut