Avodah Zarah 21 - Selling Houses to Idolaters

We may not rent houses to idol worshippers in Israel, and it goes without saying that we may not rent fields to them there.

Selling houses to idol worshippers in Israel is prohibited by the Torah phase, " do not give them a holding in the land ." Renting was prohibited by the Sages as a precautionary measure, because renting may lead to selling.

In the case of fields, there is an additional problem, because selling the fields to an idolater removes the obligation to give the priest's portions and the tithes.

Those are the words of Rabbi Meir. However, Rabbi Yose says that we may rent them houses but not fields.

Even in a place where they allowed to rent houses to idol worshippers, this is not said with regard to renting a house for use as living quarters, because the old worshipper will inevitably brings idols into the house, thereby placing the Jewish lessor in violation of " You shall not bring an abomination in your house ." The latter ruling is not applicable nowadays.

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