Avodah Zarah 18 - The Burning of Rabbi Chanina ben Teradyon

Rabbi Chanina ben Teradyon taught Torah in public, at the time when it was prohibited by the Romans, and for this was sentenced to be burned. They wrapped him in a Torah scroll and placed tufts of wet wool over his heart, to prolong his suffering. The students asked him, "Master, what do you see?" He answered, - "I see letters flying away in the air." They said, "Master, hasten your death!" He answered, "It is better that the He who gave the soul should take it." At this, the executioner said, "Master, if I increase the flame and save you from suffering, will you take me to the World to Come?" Rabbi Chanina said, "Yes." Executioner did so, then threw himself into the fire. The Heavenly voice proclaimed, "Both are ready for the World to Come."

The daughter of Rabbi Chanina was the sister-in-law of Rabbi Meir. She was put into a brothel, and he went to save her. He pretended to be a customer, but she avoided him. Now he was sure that she never sinned, and bribed the guard. In case of danger, he told the guard to say, "God of Meir, save me!" The guard was apprehended, but saved himself with this phrase. They then announced a search for Rabbi Meir, and because of that he had to flee to Babylon, but some say that it happened because of the story with his wife Beruria.

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