Arachin 3 - What Does the Word "All" Add?

The word "all" was used to introduce the valuation rule above , and usually "all" tells us something in addition to the list. Talmud goes on a whirlwind tour of about fifty cases of the use of the word "all," discussing what it adds. Firstly, valuations: ALL can declare a valuation vow - adds minors a year prior to bat or bar mitzvah, who clearly understand vows. ALL can be the subject of a valuation vow - including an ugly person, or one with skin boils, whose value on the slave market is zero.

ALL lean on a sacrifice declaring the reason for bringing it - ALL adds the son who inherits the sacrifice from his father.

One may force ALL the members of his household to move to Israel. This ruling reflects the opinion that living in Israel is a commandment, based on the Torah phrase, " Clear out the land and live in it. " ALL adds one who would have to give up a beautiful dwelling outside Israel and move to inferior quarters in Israel. Other cases of the use of the word "all" include sukkah, lulav, tzitzit, teffilin, Temple visits, shofar, megillah, impurity discharge, spiritual leprosy, and kosher slaughter of animals.

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