Arachin 13 - No Less, But Maybe More

According to the final account, the Second Temple was destroyed in the first year after Shmita. This gives a starting point for counting the Shmita years today; however, there are still two views on how to count the first year of creation - from the creation of Adam, or from the first day of creation, counting the first six days as a full year. The second view is the accepted one, with the result that the next Shmita is in 2014-15.

There were no fewer than six inspected lambs, sufficient for Shabbat and the two days of Rosh HaShanah, but they could add without a limit. But was six lambs enough for three days, seeing that there are additional offerings on these day!? - Six is not precise, just a reminder to keep enough.

There were no less than two trumpets, but up to 120, no less than nine harps, and only one set of cymbals.

Young Levites boys did not play musical instruments, nor stood on the platform, but only sang standing on the floor of the Temple, and they were called assistants of the Levites, but some say, tormentors, because adult ones could never sing as sweet.

Art: Sir Henry Raeburn - The Marchioness of Northampton, Playing a Harp