Arachin 10 - Music in the Temple

Every day they would blow trumpets in the Temple, no less than twenty-one notes, but no more than forty-eight. The Torah said, " On the days of your joy... sound the trumpets !" Trumpets accompanied opening the gates, then nine sounds came with the morning daily sacrifice, and another nine with the afternoon one. Music started when wine libations began pouring. The forty-eight notes occurred when New Moon was celebrated on a Friday: nine notes were added because of additional offering, nine sounds told people to stop working in the fields, and twelve more notes were sounded if it was also Succot.

No less than two lutes accompanied singing (some say they were bagpipes, violins, or even percussion instruments), and no more than six - for sound balance. A minimal Temple orchestra to included nine harps, two instruments discussed above, and two cymbals.

Flutes numbered no less than two and no more than twelve. Flutes were played whenever praise (Hallel) was sung. They were not made from copper but from reeds, or bamboo, because of sweeter sound. At music’s ending, only one flute played, and some say, flutes alone played, because it makes a pleasant ending.

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